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How to Make Custom-Fit Bras & Lingerie
by Don McCunn

Overview for Creating a
Conventional Underwire Bra

 Bra Sloper Sculpting  Bra Cup and Bridge Mold  Bra Cup Pattern Pieces
1. Create a mold of the Bra Sloper on the body. 2. Remove the three-dimensional mold from the body. 3. Trim the mold, then cut it into flat pattern pieces.
 Test Muslin Sloper  Bra Design  Bra Cup Pattern Pieces
4. Create a test muslin sloper and adjust the fit as necessary. 5. On a reconstructed copy of the Bra Sloper cup, create the design for a bra. 6. Make a pattern for the new bra design and cut a test version in muslin.
 Test of Bra Design   Finished Bra
7. Test the fit of the new design and adjust as necessary. 8. Sew the finished bra.

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