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How to Make Custom-Fit Bras & Lingerie
by Don McCunn

Comments and Reviews

Praise from Users

"An invaluable guide for making clothes and lingerie that fit a real body rather than the measurement system of standard commercial patterns. The instructions are clear and provide many tricks for a person fitting herself."

Joan Vinall

"McCunn's books are a valuable addition to any collection of Sewing and Craft books. His instructions are so carefully thought out, thorough, easy to follow, and well illustrated that anyone making lingerie will benefit from them. "

Carol Hillegas

"McCunn's approach enabled me to make well-fitting and supportive bras and swimsuits for my unusual figure."

Kathryn Raike-Panuline

"McCunn explains the WHY of pattern making not just the HOW, so I have learned concepts as well as practical skills, and when I am drafting, I actually understand the process instead of just following instructions by rote. Using his bust sling design to make bras that fit me perfectly because they are tailored to my exact shape is both liberating and empowering."

Carol Utau

"McCunn's method, a culmination of many years experience, has helped many people, including me, in learning to draft and sew. His instructions are clear and straight to the point."

Rudaina Sumrein

"It's nice to know that even a beginner sewer's experiences can be useful. Bras have been a constant source of angst for me for many, many years. Now, even though I am a beginning sewer, I get good fit, adequate support, ease of care, better skin health, and a great nursing bra for a very reasonable price."

Kenna Heaton

"In competitive swimming, the swimmer needs to focus on the clock, not fret over potential exposure. McCunn's custom fit bikini gives me that confidence, making me a faster swimmer. It also fits me better than any previous bikinis. I recommend it for anyone with an excuse to wear a swimsuit!"

Jenifer McAtee

"The most comfortable panties I've ever worn!"

Deborah Castle

"McCunn's books are amazing, I have them and recommend them to everyone."

Jane Ann Butters


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